Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Call to Action - meeting Notes June 20

The following notes summarise an internal CSLLD meeting held on Jun 20, 2012 -- which was really a preliminary "call to action" that is necessary prior to any formal planning

Aim: To identify strategies for instigating research activities & developing research capcity within CSLLD.

In Attendance: Karen Cieri, Gary Fry, Linda Dawson, Elizabeth Mountford, Donna Murray, Steve Sjoberg, Melissa Nixon, Glen Speering, Jon Mason & Leigh Blackall.

Materials: A draft document Profiling CSLLD Research Capability was circulated prior to the meeting. This document needs to be completed by all staff engaged in research activities. It was noted that entries into this document combine professional & personal research activities.

Issues & Inputs: 

  • In its first year CSLLD has focused primarily on establishing its suite of teaching programs and research activities are yet to be coordinated 
  • Research is seen as just as important as the teaching programs - particularly as the centre heads towards achieving self-sufficiency. There is also a close relationship between relevant research and relevant teaching.
  • Partners who established CSLLD - CDU & DET - have different expectations regarding research
  • Ethics approval is very important for many research activities & if not cleared by the appropriate agencies (CDU &/or DET) then it is likely that publication of research findings becomes compromised - BUT, if a contract is already in place that specifies research activities & outputs then "ethics approval" exists by default
  • Useful to follow the ARC & NEIF procedures - Gary has used ARC as a best practice model
  • Literature reviews don't require ethics approval & provide important perspective on related research that may require ethics clearance.
  • Research activities can be vary enormously in scale - it may be useful to take on small challenges first
  • "Ownership" of the research data & output will need to be explicit - possibly on a case-by-case basis
  • Ensuring the Strategic Plan provides adequate scope for development of research capability  
  • Readiness - Centre needs to assemble documentation that will bring efficient workflows to the process of responding to grants. 
  • Some concern expressed about Intellectual Property - this will sometimes be straightforward (using letters of exchange) & sometimes complicated (DET may own the primary data but who owns the output?)
  • Strong interest in establishing a CSLLD Journal sometime within the next 12 months - possibly using Open Journal Systems as a vehicle to capture quality research outputs of staff & students. This would just need to be hosted locally as it is free software.


  1. I have completed the Ethics approval process guidelines, which was meant to be tabled at today's meeting.

    The next step is to do a skills session on ethics applications.

  2. Thanks for these notes Jon. I think they capture the general content of the meeting. Did we get any actions out of it that you recall? I remember Glen was going to obtain advice from a group about us setting up a journal... and teh Strategic Plan consultation process has been and gone, and I saw Glen, you and I were in there adding and discussing things about research...

  3. Awesome Glen! I saw Gary working by the Menzies ethics process yesterday. He might appreciate a heads up on what you've done..

  4. Journal planning has a long way to go as of yet.

  5. Thanks Jon, great summary. I also recall there was a need to be aware of the time it may take to get ethics approval for research. This maybe assisted somewhat by the guidlines which Glen is going to table.

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